Nigerian EMLab Unit terminates diagnostic activities in Kambia, Sierra Leone.

After 15 month of providing diagnostic service in Sierra Leone, the Nigerian EMLab unit terminates activities in Kambia, Sierra Leone, and is repatriated to Nigeria, end of March 2016.

The Nigerian EMLab unit was established at the Irruah Specialist Teaching Hospital (ISTH), Institute for Lassa Fever Research and Control(ILFRC), in February 2014. The unit saw its first deployment to an outbreak of viral hemorrhagic fever, when Ebola virus disease was imported to Nigeria inJuly 2014. Subsequently the unit was deployed to Sierra Leone in December 2014, were it provided diagnostic service for Ebola virus disease first in Freetown and later on in Kambia.

ISTH-ILFRC in total deployed 11 teams to Sierra Leone and the lab unit tested thousands of samples by molecular diagnostic methods for Ebola virus.

Financed by the European Commission through IFS 2011/272-372 and FED/2015/372-110, the Nigeria EMLab unit was a major contribution to the EU`s diagnostics response to the Ebola outbreak in West-Africa.