Partial Relocation of EMLab Unit in Guinea from Guéckédou to Coyah

To cater for the demand of Ebola virus diagnostics in the region of Coyah, the EMLab unit in Guéckédou was partially relocated to Coyah.

The EMLab consortium continues it`s efforts to provide diagnostics for Ebola virus infection in Guinea. A new Ebola virus disease treatment center was opened in Coyah, a town to the north-east of Conakry, which is run by the country of Guinea and multinational partners. The EMLab unit in Guéckédou, where the teams have experienced a significant reduction in the need for diagnostics, was partially relocated to Coyah with the support of the WHO and United Nations. Diagnostics for Ebola virus infection is still provided in Guéckédou.