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European Mobile Laboratory Consortium supports COVID-19 diagnostics on Lesvos Island, Greece

The European Mobile Laboratory has deployed one laboratory unit to support COVID-19 diagnostics on the island of Lesvos, Greece, in the newly established migrants camp in Kara Tepe. The deployment is funded by the European Regional Office of the WHO and is supported by the Greek public health authorities, the WHO country office of Greece and WHO-GOARN. ... Read more

European Mobile Lab deploys to support SARS-CoV2 Diagnostics in the Current Pandemic

To increase diagnostic capacity for Covid19 suspected patients, EMLab has deployed and set up a mobile lab unit in the general hospital of the City of Weiden (Klinikum Weiden Oberpfalz).... Read more

Second EMLab Training Week Held at the BNITM in November 2019.

A one week European Mobile Lab training session was held at the BNITM in Hamburg in November 2019 for candidates from Africa and Europe in order to strengthen the pool of scientists and technicians ready to respond with the field deployable laboratory units to outbreaks of infectious diseases.... Read more

2019 Lassa Fever Outbreak Response: Deployment of the Nigerian Mobile Laboratory to Owo (Ondo State, Nigeria).

In February 2019, in response to the magnitude of the Lassa fever outbreak and upon request of the Federal Medical Center (FMC) of Owo (Ondo State), the Nigerian Mobile Laboratory based at the Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (ISTH), Edo State, deployed to Owo to provide Lassa virus diagnostics support. ... Read more

European Mobile Lab at the EU Modules Table Top Exercise in Denmark.

From 3rd to 6th November 2018 a Modules Table-Top Exercise (ModTTX 2) took place in Denmark for civil protection modules in the EU civil protection mechanism. ... Read more

Two Mobile Lab Training Sessions conducted at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg, Germany.

Two European Mobile Lab Training sessions were conducted in Hamburg in October 2018 with a view to enlarge the pool of scientists and technicians, that will be available and able to deploy to laboratory outbreak response missions in the future.... Read more

EMLab Participation at the Modules Table-Top Exercise in Bruges, Belgium, 20 - 24 May 2017.

EMLab took part in a Module Tabletop Exercise (ModTTX), that was conducted in Bruge, Belgium, 20th - 24th May 2017. ... Read more

The first EMLab Unit to West Africa terminates diagnostic activities in Guinea.

After more then two years of diagnostics support in the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, the European EMLab unit has terminated diagnostic service. ... Read more

Continued support for Surveillance by the European EMLab Unit in Guinea.

The European EMLab Unit continues to support post Ebola Virus disease surveillance. ... Read more

Partial Relocation of EMLab Unit in Guinea from Guéckédou to Coyah

To cater for the demand of Ebola virus diagnostics in the region of Coyah, the EMLab unit in Guéckédou was partially relocated to Coyah.... Read more